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Minimalistic Art vases

Minimalistic Art vases

Handmade ceramic minimalist vases. Ideal for living room decoration or home & office decor. Very stylish, it will add a nice look to your home. Also perfect as a gift for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, wedding or housewarming. Available as a set or separately in 5 different colours.


As this is a handmade product, it may have minor defects such as pits, pores, black spots, bumps, etc. Due to the nature of handmade products, it is normal to observe minor differences between the actual items you would receive and the items advertised in the listing. These include, but are not limited to, minor differences in colors, patterns, shapes, sizes and weights.


    Material: 100% ceramic. Durable and well finished. Each vase is unique and different in terms of finish.

    Finish: Handmade

    Sizes/ colors

    A: 22 cm w x 13 cm h/ corn yellow

    W: 19 cm w x 26 cm h/ light blue

    C: 7 cm w x 28 cm h/ dark purple

    D: 10 cm w x 39 cm h/ off white

    E: 12 cm w x 45 cm h/ chocolate brown

    Packaging: securely packed with care

PriceFrom €20.00
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