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After years of passion for home interiors & styling, I am proud to share our projects here with MijnStijl Creaties. View the latest news and updates of our completed and upcoming projects here.

New construction home |
Concept: The Milkmaid

February 2019

Assignment | Filling a new-build home  with atmosphere, warmth, giving authenticity, using colors from the past, using rich materials, soft fabrics, gold, bronze, old green, wood, steel.

Inspiration | The Milkmaid, Johannes Vermeer, c. 1660

Completely engrossed in her work, a maid pours milk. Except for the white beam of milk, nothing seems to move. Vermeer condensed this everyday action into an impressive painting – the figure stands free in the light space as an image. Vermeer had an eye for how the light plays over the objects in hundreds of colorful dots.

Inspired by the rich past, matching the modern present. The colors from the painting have been used throughout the house so that it has remained one whole. Returning in walls, materials, fabrics, accessories.  As an eye-catcher, the milkmaid hangs life-size as seamless wallpaper on the kitchen wall. 

New construction home |
From drawing to floor finish

June 2019

After devising the mood boards and selecting the tiles, kitchen and sanitary facilities,  the specialists could get to work with the floors.

2 different ceramic tiles have been chosen on the ground floor  which go well together in terms of color tone and warmth. A light gray vintage tile in the kitchen and an old oak tile in the living room, hall and toilet. Since the entire house has underfloor heating, a ceramic tile is a perfect choice. Ceramic tiles conduct the heat optimally.

New construction home |
The kitchen diner

july 2019

After visiting the kitchen supplier, realizing the floors and finishing the walls,  the kitchen could be placed.

Old oak MDF fronts were chosen in combination with a high-gloss composite white worktop. White appliances, a white extractor hood, an extra large sink equipped with  Quooker, and extra storage space.  Since the construction is sloping,  it is a custom kitchen. The finishing touches were  the round white tight  table (ceramic top) with velvet chairs, the green/grey curtains,  the geometric lamp  and  matching accessories.

New construction home |
The living room

july 2019

There was a great wish,  a fireplace. A sustainable home, so that was only possible on optimyst (water vapour). Finally found as part of a beautiful wall unit. In order not to create a boring wall, a striking wallpaper was immediately selected which matched the Milkmaid perfectly in terms of colors. It was decided to make the dining room at the front near the bay window and the seating area on the garden side, so that there is eye contact with the kitchen.  The sofa had to be comfortable  be and not too big. Two extra walls have been placed in order to be able to place an en-suite of steel sliding doors later, so that you can create a front and back room. Ideal with children.

New construction home |
The bathroom

June 2019

After selecting the tiles and sanitary ware, the specialists could get to work on the bathroom.

We have chosen 2 different  tiles that fit nicely together in terms of color tone and warmth. A wood look tile and a matching  light beige tile. Large tiles have been chosen to make the bathroom appear larger. Despite the limited space, it is still possible to place a bath and a spacious shower. A 1.20 meter bathroom furniture, white high-gloss, with a practical mirror cabinet above it provide sufficient storage space. Black taps and shower fittings complete the bathroom. 

Children's room |
Concept: retro vintage

January 2018

Assignment | Of a  large nursery a  create an intimate and cheerful room, creating different intimate angles. Using retro and vintage influences.  


Inspired by the retro children's wallpaper from the brand Studio Ditte – Wilde Dieren Wallpaper, I got to work. The colors from the wallpaper are reflected in the accessories and furniture. The other walls in the room have pastel colors  got. 

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