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Is your house ready for 2023?

The new year is coming and that means many new trends for your interior! In this blog we look ahead to a new year full of home inspiration. Colors, styles and materials that make your living room completely 2023! There are suitable trends to discover for every living style. Wondering how you can give your home the most beautiful 2023 makeover? Then read on quickly. 1. CALM AND ORGANIC No right angles and cold materials, but soft and round. These are the characteristics of an organic living style and also one of the living trends of 2023. The soft lines in an organic interior provide a friendly and light appearance. You can see the organic shapes in other living styles for some time now, but in 2023 sofas and tables with round or irregular shapes will also appear more and more often.

You can mix your organic furniture such as sofas very nicely with natural materials such as a wooden side table for an extra natural look. In short, combine organic shapes with colors and accessories that suit you for your own unique living room in 2023! 2. SUSTAINABLE LIVING IS THE NEW NORM Whichever living style you prefer, you will see more and more sustainable accessories and furniture in every home store. Recycled materials, sustainable fabrics or accessories that are produced locally. This trend is reinforced as we are increasingly confronted with the consequences of climate change. The choices we make in our interior also influence this. We all want to do something good for the world, and we show that in our interior by choosing sustainable materials. We therefore increasingly opt for a unique piece of furniture or accessory of high quality, instead of products that are mass-produced. This residential trend will therefore continue in 2023.

3. PROMPTLY ART DECO This eccentric living style from the 1920s will again be one of the living trends in 2023. This style uses rich colors, geometric patterns and luxurious materials. A little glitter and glamor should therefore not be missing.

For example, hang a beautiful mirror or opt for curtains in a beautiful shiny fabric. The geometric patterns and right angles make this style almost the opposite of the organic living style described in trend 1. The luxurious materials and rich colors provide a hip yet attractive look in your interior. Do you think the extravagance of a completely art deco living room is too much? Then you can also give a subtle art deco touch to your interior by combining accessories in art deco style with a calmer base. 4. NATURALLY GOOD Green and beige tones combined with natural woods and fabrics such as linen and cotton. These are the characteristics that you see in the natural living style. This trend is nicely in line with the sustainable living trend of 2023 that we saw earlier in this article. In this style, also dare to play with materials that you encounter less often, such as cork and bamboo. You can also see natural and organic shapes more often in this interior trend. By using the natural tones you get a warm look in your home.

Do you really want to bring nature into your home? Then be sure to get some lush plants and flowers to create your own oasis at home. Our tip? For an extra natural look, leave the black trend behind. Black is an accent color that we saw a lot in previous years, but which does not really give a natural look to your interior.


In recent years, wide open spaces have become the norm in many homes. A kitchen that connects to the living room and where everything is connected. Open and spacious, but we are slowly seeing more and more people who still want to make a distinction between spaces in an open way. This is where the layered spaces trend comes in handy!

This trend brings the layering back into your interior. For example, by using folding screens or other room dividers, you can add new depth to your interior, without reducing the massive character of a wall. You can also layer your interior with colors. For example, use different shades of the same color on the wall and in the art you hang on the wall. This trend is also very suitable for smaller spaces, because the layered spaces concept gives a spatial effect to your room. 6. BACK TO THE SEVENTIES - RETRO VIBES! We have seen the subtle features of the 1970s in interior trends for some time now – so also in the living trends of 2023. For example, in trend colors and prints. The longer this trend continues, the more pronounced the 1970s trends come back in our interior. For example, think of trend colors such as bright green, orange and brown. We also increasingly see materials from the 1970s in furniture, such as bouclé or a deep-pile carpet. As decoration, we see, among other things, that wall hangings do very well in this style!

Are you going for a 70's look in the bedroom? Then choose a cheerful and colorful print for your bedding and of course a wallpaper with a beautiful print! Do you want to complete the 70s look? Incorporate chrome in your interior. For example in the kitchen, but you can also go for a bold accessory in chrome color.

Which trend you follow...have fun with decorating and styling hour home! Need more tips? Check our website

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