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I love wallpapers

Wallpaper, I love it. In all shapes and sizes. White walls in the house? Not with me. When I walk around at home, I want to be surprised in every room by a different atmosphere, color or experience. Wallpaper works perfectly with this. Wallpaper, old-fashioned? No way! Nowadays you can really make a statement with a wallpaper in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. I would like to share my love for wallpaper with you. Regularly I will dedicate a post to this fetish :-)


#styleitdark is a trending hashtag among our home influencers right now, and we're here for it! We love dark, dramatic and eclectic interior design, but do you dare to take the plunge when it comes to your interior? We are here to help you in 'style it dark' in style.

Metal elements

Add a glamorous edge to your bold metallic interior. Metallic embossed wallpaper designs are a great way to incorporate another element of depth into your space while adding character. Shiny metal designs reflect from the light to create the illusion of more space; ideal for those who decorate a smaller room. Whether it's an industrial rustic design or a glossy, lush leafy wallpaper, metallic wallpaper designs are there to add a luxurious feel to your home.


When working with dark interiors, it is important to take into account the size and lighting of the chosen room. If your room is open or has large bay windows, dark walls and furniture can help create a more homely atmosphere inside. If your room is on the smaller side, with no natural light, lighting design becomes an essential part of creating your look. Include spotlights, wall lights, and floor lamps to really accentuate areas of the room you want to show off the most, while also giving you a more spacious feel anywhere.

Wood accents

Add warmth to a dark interior with earth tones and organic textures. Wooden furniture and flooring can be a great starting point in creating a warmer and cozier atmosphere in the dark interior. Wooden furniture and floors are undoubtedly durable and elegant, and a great addition to dark wallpaper.

Color pops

Dark interiors do not mean that every piece of furniture or accessory should be black or charcoal. Contrast your dark accent wall with a bold shade of paint or add styling of your favorite color to bring brightness and vibrancy to your room. Think lush blue, green, yellow and orange to give a higher feel to your look. Dark shades make a dramatic impact, but you can create a bolder statement by incorporating some color, whether that's through smaller soft accessories or large furniture.

The use of the color black or charcoal adds a focal point that gives peace and adds a refined look to the chosen room. It doesn't matter if it's a bedroom, living room or kitchen, black accessories, lighting fixtures, wallpaper, paint and bold furniture will help to catch the eye and sharpen your home.

Get started and be inspired by the following collections:

Collectie van Elitis

Collectie van LUVIENTO

Collectie van Graham & Brown

Collectie van Arte

Collectie van BN Walls

An interesting site where you will find an overview of various wallpaper brands is

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