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by MarioPasetto

Our own label MarioPasetto fits perfectly into the current era. Be inspired by his paintings on canvas in the shop or ask a quotation for a commissioned painting. These are personally painted and signed by the artist Mario Pasetto. Beautiful works with a timeless interior or where color can be seen.

Versatile artist with
Italian-Dutch roots

Mario Raffael Enrico Pasetto (1975) has felt a deep-rooted creativity since childhood. His love for themes such as nature and freedom found their way into his many drawings. Mario followed his instincts and let his talent develop further at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda. Immediately after obtaining his Bachelor of Design, he started working as a professional artist and designer.

His artworks are often characterized by his graphic background. Surface division, pattern formation and repetition as well as contrast-rich and clear use of color predominate here.

Mario does not shy away from mega-projects on commission, but is just as happy to make smaller work from his own passion to create. His work excels in originality and at the same time has a timeless appearance. Bright colours, strong lines and a design language characterized by simplicity: that is what Mario Pasetto's work is all about. Some works reflect the natural environment, others the dynamics of large cities and industrial landscapes, captured in a fascinating light spectacle.

Mario Pasetto sells his canvases worldwide. He always signs and dates his work on the back before packing and shipping it with care. Works that Mario now offers for sale in our shop can be found here. Mario sells commissioned work at gallery value.

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